Best Fat Freezer Belt Reviews of 2020

Want to freeze away stubborn fat without going through any costly surgical process? Well, the good news is, with the best fat freezer belt, you can freeze away around 24 percent of your overall body fat.

Like most people, I also believed that diet and regular exercise are all that needed to get rid of body fat. Which does, but the process is hard and takes a long time. You see, our body fat cells are like small balloons.

Studies show that 90% of dieters fail. Why? It’s not because of the lack of determination.

It’s because when you exercise, the fat cells in your body shrink. And when you eat, they grow big. All the sweating, pumping blood, increasing heart rate, and calorie counting just doesn’t change the facts that the fat cells are there.

Whether they grow or shrink, the number of fat cells in your body doesn’t increase or decrease. In your body, it always stays the same. Now, wouldn’t it be great to just get rid of them?

With a fat freezer belt, you can now do that. And all that from the comfort of your own home. It is simple, safe, and very easy to use. And the bottom line is, it really works.

How A Fat Freezer Belt Works?

The fat freezer uses Cryolipolysis, which is medically known technology for reducing fat cells. It’s a proven technique and has been in use all across the world. It’ non-invasive and safe.

Now, previously this method was too expensive, and the treatment would cost thousands of dollars. But after years of research, scientists have made a much more affordable solution.

They have taken this costly treatment and shrunk it down to a user-friendly device so that you can enjoy the same benefit without spending a lot of money.

In this fat freezer belt reviews, we will take a look at some of the clinically proven products that will help you sculpt your body that way you want and keep it that way.

Top 5 Fat Freezer Belt Reviews

Here is a list of top 5 best fat freezing belts that are proven to give results and safe to use.

1. Isavera Fat Freezing System - Freeze Fat Cells at Home


The Isavera fat freezing system helps you remove stubborn tummy fat in a safe, non-invasive way. After just one month of use, you can really see some outstanding results. This system uses Isavera’s patent-pending fat loss wraps. This eliminates the need for using any harmful gimmicky machines.

Since it doesn’t use any machines, there are risks of getting frostbites. It comes with custom-formulated gel packs that target those stubborn areas where diet and regular exercise don’t. The proprietary ice packs are not your ordinary ice packs. They are formulated in a way so that they reach ideal temperatures.

Similar to traditional fat-freezing systems, the gel packs trigger fat loss without causing harm to your skin. With their proprietary gel packs, you can spot reduce fat in areas that are hard to target like arms, thighs, butt, tummy, and more. This fat freezing system from Isavera has proven results and works fast.

You can also reduce muffin tops and other unwanted fat bulges like thigh fat and belly fat. You might be wondering, what is so special about this product? What happens if I use an ice pack instead? Well, this product has undergone a lot of testing to make sure it works as it is supposed to.

The manufacturer of this product made sure that the gel packs reach the optimal temperature for fat cell apoptosis. They also cross-referenced the reference with other popular fat-freezing medical researches. That’s why you can safely use this belt without ice burning your skin.


  • It comes with a fat destroying hand massage tool
  • You will also get a measuring tape and a body fat caliper
  • It provides three dual-action gel packs
  • Easy to hit hard to reach spots
  • Neoprene belt for durability


  • You might need to wait some time for noticing results

2. Isavera Thigh Fat Freezing System


Trust me when I say this, leg days are no fun. Whether you want to slim down your thighs or get tones legs, it is hard to get rid of the fat deposits on the thighs by doing leg workouts only. However, with the Isavera thigh fat freezing system, you can easily achieve toned legs without additional diet and exercise routine.

Even with proper diets and doing exercises regularly, it can be very challenging to get toned legs. With the LegSculptor fat freezing system from Isavera, you can tone outer and inner thigh fat in a revolutionary way. It is very easy to get that amazing thigh gap as well as speeding up your metabolism with this device.

This belt utilizes a dual-functioning custom gel pack that can reach the ideal temperature to cause fat cell apoptosis. This basically means the temperature reaches a certain point that is safer for the skin while it destroys fat cells from within. Instead of heat, the neoprene belt utilizes cold to aid in reducing fat.

It helps spot-reduce chubby areas in your thighs in a safe manner. Since there is no mechanical device, this system is perfectly safe for your skin. This system has some amazing features that make it very easy to use. You could say this is an effortless way to sculpt and tone legs.

The places you would want to target with this belt are primarily upper thighs and inner thighs. It is very easy to wrap it around the thigh area, and it is also very comfortable to wear for a long time. For enhanced comfort, it features velour-fabric outer pocket & special nylon inner pocket.


  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Custom, dual-functioning gel packs
  • Easy to get toned legs
  • Safe for the skin
  • It comes with useful accessories


  • Only for the thigh areas

3. Isavera Arm Fat Freezing System


If you are looking for a quicker way to get rid of flabby and stubborn arm fat, the Isavera arm fat freezing system is a great solution as it can spot reduce those stubborn fat cells. Everyone wants to get toned, and sculpted arms, but a lot of us are failing to get that because of improper diet and exercise.

This is a tested and proven method for those of you that are still struggling with arm fat. If you want to destroy arm fat and is looking for a non-invasive way to doing that, this is quickest and the easiest method available currently. By triggering cellular apoptosis, you can quickly destroy fat deposits from your arms.

It comes with their custom formulated gel packs that can reach the ideal temperature required for triggering cellular apoptosis. It has the same phenomenon that is practiced in clinical fat-freezing systems. However, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to get that treatment.

You can now get that same treatment in an affordable way. Without harming the skin, the gel packs can trigger fat loss by causing cellular apoptosis. It’s the same phenomenon that is used by high-end clinics all over the world at a much costlier price. It’s perfectly safe because it is done in a controlled manner.

The arm shaper uses 3mm neoprene that wraps around your arm securely to target and spot reduce fat tissues. This helps you lose those stubborn arm fats. If you have flabby arms, get this one and see the results within months. The sleeves are very comfortable, thanks to the velour outer pockets and nylon inner pocket.


  • It is very easy to use
  • Wraps around your arm securely
  • Tested and proven technology
  • Safe for the skin
  • Highly effective at spot reducing fatty cells


  • You can only use it on your arms

4. The Ultimate Shape-N-Freeze Body Sculpting Fat Freezer System

Want to get rid of muffin tops and love handles? Well, this fourth item on this list might be the ideal solution for your problem. It works for both men and women who are tired of searching for a solution to get rid of body fat cells. I know diet and regular exercise is the key, but who has the time for that?

It’s a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure that targets those flabby body parts and reduces the fat cells by destroying them. You can use it on arms, legs, body, belly, back, and other parts of your body where you want to reduce fat cells. However, don’t use it on your face.

This belt uses a proven and tested technology to freeze fat cells and eventually gets rid of them by triggering cellular apoptosis. By freezing fatty cells, you will get the slim, desirable figure you have always wanted. By using it regularly for 4 – 6 months, you can experience the change for yourself.

To protect your skin from frostbites, it comes with protective pads. Make sure to use them while you are wearing the device to protect your skin for the low temperature of the fat freezer device. The only problem with this machine is that you have to change the pads after each use.

You can buy them separately; however, it can become quite bothersome buying them and changing the pads every time. The pads look a lot like Lysol wipes, and you will only get 9 of them. If you plan on using this machine regularly, make sure to buy a whole bunch of these protective pads.

Otherwise, you are better off using another device instead of this one. They don’t even provide clear instructions on how to use this device, and if done incorrectly, you can damage your skin. And there is also the downtime issue. It takes about 2 hours of rest before you can fire it up again.


  • Helps you get a slim, desirable figure
  • It can be used to target multiple parts of the body
  • Powerful device
  • It comes with protective pads


  • Not worth buying especially if you want quick results

5. Igia Fat Freezer Platinum Targeted Cold Cryolipolysis System

The Fat Freezer Platinum from Igia combines two popular technology into one easy to use, at-home device. In addition to its fat freezing technology, you will also the Therapeutic TheraLight. This device has combined these two popular fat-reducing technologies and compiled them affordable and in an easy to use, at-home device.

It is very easy to use and also very easy to target those hard to reach spots of your body. Simply wrap it around the part where you want to reduce fat and do whatever you want while wearing this belt. It also comes with clear instructions. The first step is to apply the device.

Wear this belt for 30 – 60 minutes at a time on where you want to freeze away fat. Keep in mind that you must apply glycerin sheets to protect your skin. After that, massage the treated area gently for 3 to 5 minutes. Don’t think that you will see instant results. It will take about 2 -3 months for you to notice any change.

For safety measures, wait four weeks before you target the same spot again. You can utilize the time by targeting multiple parts of the body. It also comes with an exercise and diet plan to help reduce body fat faster. Overall, this is a complete weight loss package for those of you that are struggling to get rid of body fat.

The key selling point of this device is the Therapeutic Theralight. With this technology, the cold temperature can reach those hard-to-reach places and target the fat cells more accurately. It allows you to perform selective targeting with ease. Just make sure not to use it above the chest area.


  • Therapeutic Theralight technology
  • Easy to target multiple hard-to-reach spots
  • It comes with clear instructions
  • It also provides a diet chart and an exercise plan


  • The product lacks quality

What Is Fat Freezing?

Fat freezing is a term that is used to indicate cryolipolysis. Obviously, if I told you about cryolipolysis from the beginning, you wouldn’t understand a single word. That’s why to make it simple; manufacturers call it fat freezing.

What is does is it freezes fat cells in your body in a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved, safe, non-invasive method. This can be performed on a targeted area of your body by using a device called a fat freezer system.

Each manufacturer has its own take on this system to make the technology affordable to the mass audience.

Are Fat Freezing Belts Any Good?

Since it is directly related to your health, it is important to go with a reliable brand. Instead of falling for some brand's marketing technique, you should read the actual reviews provided by the users that have used the product first and then make your decision.

It’s a good practice to do some research of your own first before taking up our advice. Not all fat freezer belts are good. In fact, there are only a handful of brands out there that make them.

Even among them are only two or three brands that are known to make safe, reliable, and easy to use freeze belts. Long story short, yes, these products do work, but you need to read the reviews first before you make a purchasing decision.

Does Fat Freezing at Home Actually Work?

Fat freezing is a painless and non-surgical process that reduces body fat from a targeted area of the body. Instead of using heat, it uses cold temperatures to shrink and eventually get rid of body fat.

This is an appropriate method of losing weight for the people that are very busy with their regular schedule. If you want to lose fat in a targeted area, this is the way to go.

It’s like sculpting your own body and keeping it that way. However, there is a catch. You won’t notice any considerable change that quickly. It will take about 2-4 weeks to see any noticeable results.

Can You Freeze Your Fat Away?

Yes. It is called Cryolipolysis, which is a medically known technology for reducing fat cells. This non-invasive method is approved by the FDA. It’s okay if you are not familiar with this concept. I don’t blame you for that because it is a fairly new technology.

However, you can see noticeable results if you follow a good diet chart, exercise regularly, and use a fat freezer belt as a supplementary device.

Reasons to Use A Fat Freezer Belt

As I’ve said before, 90% of dieters fail because of improper diet. You could say it is mainly due to their bad eating habit and inability to track calorie gains and losses. And losing fat isn’t very easy.

However, with the help of science, you can now lose your fat cells permanently by using a fat freezer belt. It’s not magic. There is a proven technology behind this, and scientific research proved this over and over again that it actually works.

Here are some of the reasons that you should consider using a fat freezing belt.

1. This method is frequently suggested by Medical Spa technicians and dermatologists for its efficiency and easy results.

2. The technology is approved by the FDA to be safe and non-invasive. They have done the research for a long time to approve this technology.

3. It’s not a cure for obesity but as a supplement to reducing fat cells where diet and exercise aren’t enough. If you have a bad eating habit, there is no technology in the world that can help you.

4. So far, there is no research showing any side effects. However, use it with caution. If you don’t use the device as instructed, it may cause skin burns.

5. Finally, at-home convenience. They are designed in a way so that you can use them while doing other household works.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to get rid of stubborn body fat or just curious about this technology, after going through this guide, I’m sure I was able to convince you about how safe it is and why you need to get your hands on the best fat freezing belt.

I’ve also compiled a list of these devices and put together this fat freezer belt reviews so that you can easily pick the right one for your needs.

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